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How To Write Exam Paper?

Also applies to exams of other courses like Science (B. Sc.,M. Sc., BCA, MCA), Commerce (B. Com, M. Com), Arts (B.A., M.A), etc.

Mr.Henry A. Fischel, You might have heard his name before. People believed he was the inventor of our exams which is fake. You must be thinking इसको एक बार हाथ आने दे फिर दिखाता हु 😛 Don’t be angry my friend. In this post, I will give you amazing tips so that you can write your paper in allocated time and able to top in the exam. For my first-year friends, after completing your 12’th with a high score (I know you are toppers), You’ll find this new. But it is the reality!

How To Write Engineering Exam Paper
When you sit for studying 😀

Let’s prepare us for the battlefield of an exam by learning How To Write In Exam Paper To Get Good Marks. If you are last night readers then you can check this post about passing the exam without studying or if you want to be topper then you can go through our post of the study plan.

1.Read Your Question Paper Carefully

When you get question paper in your hand, the first thing is to read all the questions from first to last. Now pick those question on which you are sure about the correct answer. Don’t get panic if you don’t know the answer. I also discussed how to deal with that so continue your reading.

Start writing answers to the question you know first and you are 100% sure of them. That will create a good impression in the mind of the paper checker at the beginning only!

How To Solve Engineering Paper
This is what we do

2. Write Answer In Neet And Proper Way

Write pointwise, don’t make the lengthy paragraph. Follow these pattern throughout the paper. Remember, the paper checker will spend maximum 2-3 minutes to check your paper. So write most accurate points at the beginning. Since no one is going to read your whole question paper. Most of the paper checkers read first 4 to 5 points then they will look at the length of an answer and give you marks accordingly. So highlight important keywords with a pen. Write Hence proved at the end of proofs.

Also, start your answer with proper heading at the top and leave one line after each point. This is an answer to the question: How To Write Theory Paper In The Exam. If you are from computer engineering, then writing simple code will make a good impression and definitely give you an extra piece of meat! Sorry Marks 😀

(You will rarely get out of marks for any question in Pune university that is real truth except you have extremely good handwriting and every point is 100% accurate)

3. Draw Figures Whenever Possible

Figures are important which represent how well you understand the topic. If you draw figures then your probability of getting more marks is high. The figure should be neat and clean. Do not make any mistake while drawing since after rubbing that part you get some permanent scratches on paper which take away all your cleanliness. This is a way of How To Write Exam Paper Neatly. It is nice to explain your answer by drawing your own figures with an explanation.

Use a blue pen. Do not change your ink or pen that will lead to losing uniformity in the answer sheet. Draw large figures (figure should cover half a page because by doing this at the end you will need an extra supplement that shows how scholar you are) and make proper labeling to each part with arrows. Write the proper explanation of the figure.

How To Write Exam Paper Neatly
This is How questions appear in exam

4. Manage Your Time

Time management is most important in exam, allocate specific time for each and every question and complete it within that time, for example if you have 150 min in your hand and 10 question in which each one has 1 sub question then give 14 min for each question, so that you get an extra 10 min at the end.

5. Good Handwriting

You may think this as least important but this factor is responsible for more marks other than your main content in the answer. That’s why sometimes, girls in engineering have higher scoring marks than boys, they have good handwriting on which boys do not give more importance. Trust me I am telling you through my personal experience, handwriting is as much important as your answer. If you do less study but have good handwriting, you will definitely score good marks in the exam.

6. Review Your Answer Sheet

I know you are smart but we are humans and we make mistakes unknowingly so you have these last 10 min to correct them. Check for you have written correct question number or not. Many times, if we don’t know the answer then we leave half or one page for writing it later now its time to complete those questions. Tie your supplement if you have taken.

How To Write In Exam Paper To Get Good Marks
This has happened to me at the time of Engineering Maths 2 😛

7. Solve Problems If Possible Then Theory Question

Since problems require less time to solve but writing answers for theory question will take more. Even though marks for the theory question and problem are same. For theory question, you will have to write at least 1 page but if the numerals are easy then it may take fewer steps and time to get the conclusion. Hence solving numerals saves much more time.

8. Write Basic Fundaments For The Unknown Question

First, at the starting of an answer write something related to the question which may be some basic concept or fundaments of the topic. You can also write a movie story for an unknown question (just kidding 😉 ). The topic which has more importance on the subject write those here. Write pointwise with good handwriting as explained earlier. Good handwriting will give you bonus marks here. Write some real-world examples. E.g. In case of cloud computing, you can give the real world example of how Gmail works.

Now you come to know that How to Write The Paper In Engineering Exam. 

So let’s revise what we have learned today:

  1. Read your question paper carefully.
  2. Write the answer in neet and proper way.
  3. Draw figures whenever possible.
  4. Manage your time.
  5. Good Handwriting.
  6. Review Your answer sheet.
  7. Solve problem whenever possible then theory question.
  8. Write basic fundaments for the unknown question.
How To Write Theory Paper in Exam
You’ll only understand if you are fan of Men In Black

“During the engineering exams we only need ink in our pen, nothing else is needed to answer the question paper.” So make sure you bring 2 pens with full ink. And write like a Rajani so that no one will stop you from passing exams. We always share amazing tips with you, tell us what topics you want next. Like our facebook page for more information and make sure you turn on notification for our site, we also provide updates about your results. All the best to all my friends from me and my team of ILovestudies!!!


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