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How To Study One Month, Week, Day, Night, Morning Before Exam

Hello friends! I know why are you here! I also googled Study Tips One Day Before The Exam, How To Study All Night Before The Exam a lot and if your exams have few days to begin and you don’t know how to prepare than yes you are at the right place sorry right site 🙂 I’m not genius or some PhD guy. I’m just another student like you only who is going through all these phases with hell lot of backlogs and now, I’m having distinction grade.

She is cute 😉

So, Do you just want to pass the exams or score good marks? I’m also gonna give you some tips on How To Study One Day Before Exam and even How To Study One Night Before The Exam. I know you are eagerly waiting for study tips so, let’s begin!

First of all, If you have enough time in your hand for the exam then you can start with Making your own notes while studying and refers only those notes one day before the exam. Trust me this is very beneficial one of my friends are doing this and she got amazing results. All the Study Before Exam Tips are tested by my college friends and me so you can follow that. Making notes is very beneficial which highlights what you understand while reading the topic or concept and also avoid the unnecessary and less important topics that have very less probability to come in exam. If you have enough time in your hand for the exam then you can start making this. Don’t try to make the notes one day before the exam.

Here the question arises How To Make Personal Notes For The Exam, so write concepts that you understand in your own words, also draw the figure for steps for any cycle of the process, trust me, by referring those figures you can remember the content of the answer. Study for at least 2 to 3 hour every day which helps a lot and also avoid the stress at the time of the exam.

Do not study continuously 3 to 4 hour, study for 90 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. In that break, you can listen to the music, or just meditate or any activity of your choice. But make sure you don’t exceed 10 minutes. These are also useful for Day Before Exam Study Tips.

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Best way to remember any topic is that teach that to another person. For this, you can get the help of group study. Teaching the same topic to your friends in the group has 2 benefits first you understand that topic very well and also your friend gets the knowledge about the topic.

If you want to Study 1 Day Before The Exam, make sure you draw diagrams in such a ways that by referring them you’ll revise entire concept.

Try to keep your study environment silent and clean. Keep your study table clean while studying. For any maths problems try to make them conceptually clear. In maths, just practice, practice & practice!

This is what happens when you don’t study whole semester and start studying just the night before.

Best Way To Study For Exam The Night Before is to read, practice, revise. Read it aloud. Practice the maths problems and revise what you read one or two times. Try to understand and remember formulas in mathematics. Definitions are those that you have to learn perfectly and write those definitions at first in your answer which shows your knowledge about the topic or concept. In the morning of exam just have look at the concept and figures and if possible then revise last time all the concept and figures, also read all your notes.

How To Study Whole Night Before The Exam/How To Study All Night Before The Exam

So only one night is remaining and what should I do??? Don’t worry my friends, read this amazing tips which will tell you How To Study One Night Before Exam

  1. Solve previously asked questions first.
  2. Try to make diagrams from your notes. you’ll remember the topic very easily from diagrams.
  3. Read loudly this will help in remembering the concept. By reading loudly your ear listen what you are reading and send it to the brain and brain stores it.
  4. Use perfect study materials that will give you exact knowledge about the concept.

How to study One day before exam??

So you have 1 day left now the time in your hand is 24 hours, if you take sleep for 4 hours, then 20 hours are remaining how should you manage these 20 hours?

  1. Suppose you have 6 units for an exam then you can give  3 hours for each one.
  2. Take 20 min of a break after every 3 hours.
  3. Avoid WhatsApp and any other social media, Give exam as your first priority.
  4. If any unit is easy and small then utilize that time to study hard and lengthy unit.
  5. Don’t take the stress and concentrate on your study.

How To Study One Week Before Exam??

One week yahooooo….that really awesome! Too much time buddy.

  1. If you have 5 subjects then take 1 day for each subject.
  2. In that day give at least 2 hours for each unit. Also, consider difficulty while allocating time.
  3. Take half an hour break after completing each unit and then get back to work.
  4. Make small notes or underline important points and draw small figures for better understanding.
  5. After 5 days do a revision of all subject in 2 days. Revision is important since you will not remember what you had studied on the first day that’s why reserve 2 days for revision.

How To Study One Month Before Exam??

One month remaining and you wanna start the study.

Disclamer: this is not for those who are (k)night riders (I mean who do study one day before exam) this tips are for Toppers who want to top in exam. Let’s begin

  1. Divide one month of 30 days into 6 sections-5 for subject preparation and 1 for revision
  2. Make your own notes. Draw your own diagrams in notes so that helps you to easily understand the answer.
  3. Solve math problems if you have maths. If subjects are difficult then prefer group study and understand those subjects as well as difficult topics from your friends.
  4. Allocate more time for the difficult subject. For proper concept understanding, take help from youtube. Lots of technical details about the concepts are available on youtube.
  5.  Since you have enough time, prefer in understanding the concept rather than going through “ratta”. If you don’t remember the concept then teach that to other friends, this will definitely help.

How To Write Paper In The Exam??

So How Should I Write the paper at Exam?

First, write a paper in pointwise. Do not make lengthy paragraphs.

  1. Write heading or title first that will give the rough idea to the paper checker that what you have written in the following answer.
  2. Good handwriting is easy to read and understand by paper checker also that will make a good impression in front of a paper checker.
  3. Real-time examples, try to write examples that explain your concept easily.
  4. Write applications or features of topic or concept which will give you an extra mark.

I have written a separate post on How To Write Exam Paper? where I explained in detail on this topic so you can refer to that post.

Don’t take tension at the time of the exam. Be positive, yes you will get marks and definitely go on to pass the exam..for more study tips motivate us by liking our facebook page and leave a comment if you want information about your topic. We will definitely read your comment and try to provide best possible information for you.

All the best to all my friends from the team of ILovestudies!!


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