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How To Pass In Engineering Exams Without Studying?

So, you wanna Clear Engineering Exams in one shot? Then you’ve arrived at the right place! टेंशन नहीं लेनेका! I’m always behind your back. As you know you can’t pass without studying at all. But I’ll tell you how to reduce your efforts and get maximum marks with minimum efforts i. e. study. Let’s begin.

Disclaimer: This article is not for topper students! It’s for those who just want to clear the subject. If you want to top then read ‘How To Study One Month Before Exam‘ part from this article.This only dedicated to my honest, hard worker, yes sincere student who are want to How To Clear Engineering Backlogs.

For passing any subject in entire engineering you don’t have to study for day and night, for 3 hours every day and blah blah. You only require basic knowledge of the subject To Pass Engineering Exam In One Night And Clear Back Subjects In Engineering. 

Get the basic subject knowledge like how things in the particular area are working and how they relate to each other. For passing, you don’t have to write all 100% accurate. You just have to write the basic which you have studied in your 11 th and 12 th std. The basic of these level will help you to easily pass the first year of engineering. I also did this, it’s my personal experience I give one day for the difficult subject and one night for other subjects in which I only focus on the studying fundamental as well as principle of the subject Nothing in deep and I never focus on extra cheese!! This will also help you in clearing your backlog if you don’t know How To Clear Back Papers In Engineering.

This will our graduation ceremony speech

You have to do less study than No study. At the last night before the exam, Search for the number of any topper student in your contact and Make a call trust me that’s the best way to hit a six at the last ball. Remember, You have to work smart and hard. Write 99.99% correct information that you know at the beginning and then write the stuff about the topic. You can also refer my How To Study One Night Before Exam post.

If you are active in your class and able to understand the concept then it’s easy for you to revise it at last hour of exam. Also If you have a good memory then with minimum effort you can easily pass the subject. This applies to How To Clear All Backlogs In Engineering also. It also depends on luck factor sometimes (personal experience) for my exam one time my all class was studied mathematical part only. Since previous question paper was purely mathematical. But that time, we had bad luck and exam paper was not mathematical but pure theory. We were looking at each other’s face and saying “भावा येतं का हे answer?” (Do you know this answer bro?)

So sometimes many repeated questions appear in the exam which is enough for you to pass any subject in engineering thus with minimum effort by preparing previous year question paper also helps you a lot for passing from the entry gate! After all, it is good to get sufficient marks. Good handwriting is also a big game changer. One girl who is our college queen used to memorize basics of the subject only but have good looking & intimate handwriting through which she was able to clear all subjects without any backlog in the whole engineering (wtf). :O So if you have good handwriting and know basic fundaments of the subject then you can easily clear each and every subject in engineering.

So let’s revise your answer to How To Pass In Engineering Exams Without Studying, it’s better to say less study 😛

  1. Clear basic fundaments and Principle
  2. Good Handwriting is also effective
  3. Previous year question paper
  4. Core knowledge if possible is effective
  5. luck factor(You can’t get away from that)
  6. Focus on Smart work rather than hard work
After all angel Priya is there

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