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TE, BE Insem Exam postponed? New Timetable Fake or Real?

I recently came across the news that our insem exam is postponed. Even I got a lot of images saying that the insem is gonna start from 14’th. But as I told in my last fake Unipune¬†exam timetable post, I only believe oQn those timetables/ results which are released on Pune University Official website which is

te be timetable

Due to easier availability of internet, mobiles, anyone can edit the timetable on his/ her mobile phone and make it viral on WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook or any other social media. About this particular case, there is one of the following possibilities:

  • Timetable has been leaked
  • Someone has purposefully edited it

As you can see on this site also, every time, I give links to the official site of Savitribai Phule Pune University in the case of timetable/ results which are available to download. In this case, since, it’s not available on Official University Website, we can consider it fake.

Download Savitribai Phule Pune University TE REAL Insem Exam Timetable

Download SPPU BE Insem Timetable


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