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Pune University Online Exam Form Filling Tips & Tricks Almost For Every Course

Unipune Online Exam Form Tips & Tricks


Hi everyone! In this post, I’m going to share the exam form filling tips & tricks which are applicable for almost every course offered by  University of Pune which has online exam form filling system. This idea came to my mind after listening & experiencing the issues regarding the engineering examination online forms. There were lots of issues regarding late fees, last date, etc. Fortunately, I successfully filled the form but few of my friends couldn’t & had headache at that time. Later the issues were solved by the university itself & they successfully filled it. So, lets start with Pune University Online Exam Form Filling Tips & Tricks Almost For Every Course.

  1. If you hear about the exam forms from friends/ relatives/ seniors, etc. via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or any medium don’t trust immediately. First check the official exam form site of pune univeristy. If you see updated info about exam forms over there, then only believe him. Or else ask him/ her to show the proof.
  2. Lets take the case that online exam forms are available but you are not able to fill them due to few errors. We’ll address each error & possibilities of problems one by one.
  3. The first problem while filling the form is server error & its the most common problem that we get to see. You’ll experience very slow loading speed of site & also see errors like ‘The service is unavailable‘, ‘page not found’, etc. & you can’t even open the site sometimes. At that time, don’t panic. Because you are not the only one who is facing that problem.
  4. The main reason of this problem is bandwidth. Lots of students are accessing the particular section of site at the same time. But the server doesn’t have enough bandwidth to provide everyone resulting in crashing of site or the errors mentioned above.
  5. So, what’s the solution? The solution is to wait. Wait for few minutes, hours depending on the load on the site then try again. If site is down at morning, then possibly, its expected to get live till evening so, you can fill the form in the evening & submit on the next day.
  6. I suggest you to fill the form at night after 8 if possible because at night, very few visitors are logged in on the site compared to visitors at morning/ afternoon.
  7. If waiting for a day is not helping then contact university directly. The reason because of which I recommend you to contact university at last is, most of the time, the phone lines are busy.
  8. Check your internet connection. I know that this is basic but please do it. Don’t expect to fill the form on 2G network in first try. Have 512kbps or at least 256kbps working internet connection.
  9. Don’t write ’00’ in the field of eligibility number if you don’t know. This is most basic mistake that students do. Even I did this. First option is you can find it online on the university’s site. If its not working for you then ask your institution/ college. Every college has the list of eligibility numbers of the students. So, just go to your college’s main office and ask them for eligibility number if you don’t know. If you are doing external course then you can contact university regarding your eligibility number. The eligibility number is constant & doesn’t change. Its OK if you fill the form late but don’t fill wrong one. Or you may face problems while getting results & mark-sheet from university.
  10. Recheck the filled form thrice. Before submitting the form, recheck it 3 to 4 times to ensure that you’ve filled the correct details. One field of wrong information may lead to cancellation of admission.
  11. Fill it again. If you’ve done mistakes in your form then don’t worry. In most of the cases, you can fill it again by creating the new account. The only form which will be considered is the one which is submitted to the college. But still, fill it carefully
  12. Don’t manipulate. I saw the bug in the forms of many engineering students which were seeing their username on the field of ‘Eligibility number’ in the generated PDF form. Few students tried to edit that & submit. Don’t do that. If you get caught then university may debar you. Best way is to ask college, or directly university about this fault & get it solved.
  13. Suggest more. I’ve noted down few tips & tricks about filling the examination form for almost any course of university of Pune. If there are more that you want to suggest, then just comment below & we will add them in the article with your name. 🙂 Thank you.

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