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Pune University First, Second Year Engineering FE SE Online Exam Phase 2 2015 NEW Change

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Unipune, University of Pune FE SE Online Examination Semester 2 (II) Phase 2 (II) NEW Date Change 5’th March 2015

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Savitribai Phule Pune University again surprised us by changing the date of the last paper of online exam which is currently going on. The change is for First Year and Second Year Engineering (2012 Pattern) course students. Including those who are having backlogs. You can see the notice on the official site. This change applies to:

  • Second Year Civil Engineering

  • Second Year Mechanical Engineering

  • Second Year Mechanical Sandwich Engineering

  • Second Year Electrical Engineering

  • Second Year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • Second Year Electronics Engineering

  • Second Year Production Engineering

  • Second Year Production Sandwich Engineering

  • Second Year Printing Engineering

  • Second Year Computer Engineering

  • Second Year Petrochemical Engineering

  • Second Year Petrolium Engineering

  • Second Year Chemical Engineering

  • Second Year Polymer Engineering

  • Second Year Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Second Year Biotechnology Engineering

  • Second Year Automobile Engineering

    & First Year Engineering All Branches


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The online exam of Pune University which was scheduled on 9’th March 2015 will be conducted on 13’th March 2015. In case of First Year Engineering students, the Engineering Mathematics II online exam will be there on 13’th March instead of 9’th March 2015. You can see the new dates of Second Year Phase 2 Online exam last paper below

BranchSubjectOld Updated DateNew Updated Date
F.E.Engineering Mathematics II (M2)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. CivilFluid Mechanics I (FM 1)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. Mechanical & AutomobileTheory of Mechanics I (TOM 1)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. Mechanical SandwichTheory of Mechanics I (TOM 1)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. ElectricalPower System I (PS 1)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. ElectronicsEngineering Mathematics III (M3)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. E&TCEngineering Mathematics III (M3)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. Instrumentation & ControlTransducers and Signal Conditioning (TSC)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. ChemicalChemistry II (Chem II)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. ComputerEngineering Mathematics III (M3)9/3/201513/3/2015
S.E. ITEngineering Mathematics III (M3)9/3/201513/3/2015

The online exam of other subjects will remain as it is. There is no change in that. Now, First year students got more time to study Mathematics 2 (M2) thoroughly. Best of luck future engineers!!! Please share this post on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. to let your friends know about this change.


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